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Industrial and commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is still in its infancy, but eventually, UAVs will become 'another tool in the tool box'.  Agriculture, construction, industrial inspections, cinematography, insurance, survey, GIS, and more, all have the potential to benefit through the use of UAVs.

CanFly Drones has the ability to assist customers in finding the right tools, and merging UAV technology into the current workflow, thus providing a competitive advantage.


Transport Canada is providing oversight of the influx of UAVs for commercial use, and the regulatory field is continually evolving. CanFly Drones works through the challenging legislative and regulatory components of UAV operation to allow our customers to focus on their business solutions.

CanFly Drones specializes in management of UAV operations.  We assist operators with plain-language interpretation of the regulations.  We go through the piles of regulations to seek out what is relevant for each of our clients’ individual operations, and bring that forward to each operator.
CanFly Drones can assist with the required interaction and coordination with agencies, such as the Ministry of Transport, NavCanada, and local municipalities. We also assist with establishment of safe and compliant procedures, and promotion of safe practises through strong operational contract partnerships. This allows an operator to focus on the data capture and imagery that they need, and to fly their required missions.

Working with CanFly Drones allows an operator to spend more time flying, secure in the knowledge their operation is compliant, legal, and safe.
Aerial Imaging

CanFly Drones has the ability to collect up to 4K video and 12MP stills, with very quick turnaround.  Should different raw data or a processed product be needed, please contact us.  If you need it, we will work with you to secure the best data possible.
We are all about solutions!
CanFly Drones is an Alberta-based UAV company, specializing in solutions and management for clients and operational partners.