Reality Capture Workshop 2016

Reality Capture Workshop 2016

The reality-capture project is ongoing, and members of the team have returned to the Volterra area several times for more scanning. Check back often, as the Volterra-Detroit Foundation and Case Technologies plan to make the data-sets available for public and academic use.  Check their website for articles about projects resulting from the data.

In 2016, Canfly Drones participated in a Reality Capture Workshop, hosted by the Volterra-Detroit Foundation and Case Technologies. The team sought to digitally reconstruct and preserve many historically significant treasures in the ancient city of Volterra, Italy.  The city of Volterra now has digital records of many of their treasures, some of which are more than 2000 years old.

International Business Times released this video describing the workshop.

Late in 2017, the workshop was awarded the American Institute of Architects 2017 Innovation Award.  The full submission may be read here, and more information about the award can be found here.

If you wish to see more media from the project, Rob Sinclair of CEC published microsite about our experiences.