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Latest resource for Canadian RPAS pilots

The Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) has been around for a long time.  It has always been one of the first references for operating pilots in Canada, and as such, is on a continual update cycle.

The most recent revision includes a new section for RPAS pilots.  In addition to highlighting relevant sections of the Canadian Aviation Regulations Part IX, there is good technical information relevant to operating an RPA in Canadian Domestic Airspace. Definitely give it a read if you are about to write your advanced exam.


Collision between manned and unmanned aircraft in Canada

The Transport Safety Board of Canada just released a fact-gathering investigation into an in-flight collision between a drone and a 9 passenger commercial aircraft (Beechcraft King Air 100).  Although there was a very large potential for disaster, thankfully there were no injuries, and the greatest damage appears to be the disintegration of the drone.

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Drone incident reporting form


Transport Canada has released a new new online form for reporting UAV incidents in Canada. The concept of the online form is a central repository for concerns by any member of the public, in regards to drones. We need to emphasize that this does not replace 911/Emergency Services: If a UAV is witnessed endangering people or property, then emergency services need to be notified.

The form may be found here.

We are pleased to hear the Transport Canada is moving forward on educating the public on safe and legal UAV practises. We encourage recreational and commercial users familiarize themselves.