Combining terrestrial LIDAR scans with UAV surveys

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  • by Marc Dubrule
  • 11-29-2016

Terrestrial LIDAR scans produce great amounts of data, but are (currently) limited to being stuck on the earth. UAVs are inexpensive, and can produce very good results when paired with a reliable photogrammetry software. Data gathered from both methods can be joined together to make one structured point cloud.

The owners of Marcampo were generous enough to allow their bed and breakfast, situated on a Tuscan vineyard, to be scanned during the International Reality Capture Workshop.

The Marcampo project captured 14 terrestrial LIDAR scans from a Faro Focus 3D, and a combination of NADIR and oblique photos captured from a Sitescan 3DR Solo. All scans were indexed together using Autodesk Recap 360 Pro, and the resulting point cloud is shown below.