Ortho images

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  • by Marc Dubrule
  • 11-30-2016

Orthoimages obtained from UAVs

Orthophotographs can be created from UAVs for very little cost investment.  Publicly available satellite imagery is available for nearly the entire globe, but resolution is typically measured in the the metres, or even tens of meters, where as UAVs may obtain ground sampling distances at the 1 cm level.  Further, satellite imagery can be months or years old.  UAV imagery can be obtained on demand, with turn around times approaching hours.

Users of ortho mosaics include agriculture, forestry, survey, engineering, geographic information systems(GIS), and archaeology.  Construction is quickly becoming a user of UAV technology, as on-demand, low-cost ortho mosaic images of a small construction site can be created as frequently as the pace of construction, allowing tracking and double checking of progress, catching errors before coming costly prohibitive to repair.  That same imagery can be shared quickly with all members of the project through various web services, giving near real-time, high precision updates



This imagery was collected in a 15 minute flight at 780 Kennels, shortly after the opening of their new facility.  The ground sampling distance is approximately 2-3 cm, and the image is superimposed over freely available satellite imagery.  Zooming out shows how the land looked like prior to 780 Kennels development.

The map may be opened in a separate window here.